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    Hello riders and enthusiasts, welcome to the next stage of our enjoyed activity, off road riding. In the past 10 years of Michigan Offroad recreation, we have seen the state provide more and more riding venues. Soon, thanks to PA 288, we will see those venue grow even further with the opening of thousands of miles of forest roads. This is an exciting time, and we at ATV Offroad club of Michigan are going to make that riding experience even better.

    As you may be aware, we maintain the trails and routes of Black lake, Bummers Roost, and Red Bridge. Thank you to all that have helped make this a popular venue. During my last visit there, over Labor Day, the trails were seeing heavy usage. ATVís, SxSís, dirt bikes, equestrians, bicyclists, and hikers. The people I talked to, were thankful for the work we have done, and many locals make the area, a normal part of their weekly activities. This area is an asset, to both the locals and our club. We need to be proud of it.

    When we first took this area on, areas were barely traversable, now all alike find enjoyment on them. With the advent of PA 288, more people will find enjoyment here. During one of our maintenance sessions, we will explore those open new roads. Discovering new enjoyment of riding in Michigan.

    We at ATV Offroad will be asking for your assistance in maintaining these trails, if they are to remain an asset and be the gateway to the new forest roads, we need help, but we will temper that work with comradery and food. If we clean in time we can explore and ride. We realize how valuable your time is, and want to treat volunteers like they deserve to be treated.

    During the Labor Day holiday, a group of us plotted a long trip from Red Bridge to Atlanta and back. We would like to share this with you. Expect a gathering to try this connector. Though it isnít 100% tested yet. The restaurants we planned at stopping at were closed, so a little work will be in order to make this ride perfect.

    Work is not the only thing we do, we like to ride. Michigan is our state and we ride a lot here. There will be at least one organized ride per month, yes even in the winter. Stay tuned for our new ride schedule, we will be investigating several new open forest roads, hitting places in the state we havenít been before. We will also be having more rides in the Upper Peninsula, from the gofast to the discovery rides, we aim to please.

    While we live in Michigan, there are many areas to ride outside of the state. Canada, West Virginia, New Hampshire, Virginia, Kentucky, and venues west of the Rockies. In 2018, we already have a ride planned for Idaho, expect West Virginia, and Canada as well.

    Working, riding, comradery, eating, we aim to do it safely, legally, and while having fun. Come help lead the change as Michigan and this club mature into their new areas. If you were a member, come back, we are changing to make this club, one that makes you want to be a member of. If you know of anyone who likes riding, and wouldnít mind helping us maintain our trails, invite them to join. Make them proud to be a member of ATV Offroad club of Michigan. Even if you donít join as a member, join us in one of our many rides.

    We can't spell fun without U.

    Thank you from the board,
    Mike, Tim, Larry, Ron, and Mike
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