• Frederic Ride 4-22-17

    This was a day of seconds. This was the second Club Ride I coordinated. This was the second time my machine was in the shop the week before the ride. And it was the second time it was supposed to be ready the Thursday before the ride and it wasn't. But, no worries. I just gassed up the '09 Polaris Trailblazer 330 and off we go!
    We met in the parking lot of the Frederic Trailhead system off Co Rd 612 just west of Frederic. Myself and new member Mike Leppek aka XC450Cat arrived and already unloading was member Chad Tremble and Jann. Pulling in right behind us were Mike aka 05Wolverine350 and Steve Aka Oakland500. As we were all unloaded and made our introductions, we watched as the last member of our group pulled in, T-way aka.....well T-way.
    I handed out the welcome to the Gaylord area bags including trail maps that I picked up at the welcome center and explained our itinerary and route for the day. We'd ride north and do that loop and then head into Frederic for lunch. Finishing up the day riding the south loop.
    So off the seven of us went heading.....south! 2.5 miles into our trip, I knew we had missed the turnoff for the North Loop. After informing the group, we decided to continue on and it actually worked better. Doing the South Loop first put us in Frederic for lunch at 11:30. We enjoyed an awesome lunch and the conversation and getting to know each other was a huge bonus.
    After lunch, I took the group over to Sledheads of Frederic where Pete Kocefas has the remains of a wrecked snowmobile driven by a 19 year old a few years back that hit a tree at 80mph. A sobering reminder to SLOW down. And that was our theme for the day. Once back on the trail, we crawled up and down and down and up the wide variety of terrain the Frederic Trails offer. There are scenic vistas that require you to crawl up trails with old maple roots for traction. There are a few places where the rocks or the roots try to yank the bars away from you, but the trails are a lot of fun to ride.
    At one point as we came down a trail, we saw 2 riders pulled off to the side standing around in scarlett and gray clothing, looking like the defense that played Clemson in the Fiesta Bowl. Just standing there. We stopped and were surprised to see Buckeye and TH1Racer. We talked for a while and they rode with us until the 50 incher crossed the next route, as Buckeye isn't a fan of the 50's. We said our goodbyes. and rode the last 10 miles of the North Loop ending up at the turnoff for the parking lot. Jann had injured her thumb so she and Chad peeled off and went to load up.
    Now Mike, Steve, Mike, T-way and I had a decision to make. It was 4:30p. We were tired and a little dusty, so what do we do? We decided to ride the South Loop backwards to the connector trail and enjoy the beautiful clear 65 degree day with bluebird skies. We arrived eventually in the parking lot just before 6p. We all loaded up and said our good byes. It was a great day filled with great people sharing stories, experiences and on a beautiful Earth Day no less.
    I have to say, this is what I hoped for when I joined the ATVOC. Learning from experienced riders. Sharing experiences with great people, and as a Board member, I hope to give something back to the sport and look forward to the future growth of the ATVOC. Thanks to all who attended, especially T-Way who ALWAYS adds to whatever gathering we hold.

    Ron S aka Sleddog