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    In 2004, ATV Offroad Club of Michigan (a non-profit (501c) organization) was created to benefit ATV riding in Michigan. In an effort to communicate with riders, communities, and businesses, the club created the website at www.atvoffroad.net. Since its inception, ATVOC has grown to be the premier ATV club based in Michigan and now includes members and sponsors in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Arizona and Canada.

    Our motto, PROMOTING SAFE and RESPONSIBLE RIDING HABITS, is the core of our club. In pursuit of this goal, ATVOC participates in safety certification, rider training, trail maintenance, political activity, and clear communication to all riders we meet. In 2010, ATVOC worked to provide a formal certification session followed by supervised hands on training. In 2009, ATVOC was awarded a Yamaha grant for equipment to maintain Michigan trails. Our members are active trail maintainers. Several members provided input to the laws opening selective roads to ATV usage. Through our website and through our rider greetings, we are always communicating safety. It is the main reason we were formed.

    ATVOC has provided donations, which include, ORV patrol safety vests, playground equipment, Toys for Tots, and Michcanska. Along with group rides, an annual spring event, and meet and greet events, we also hold benefits in local communities where we meet and ride. Our latest was held in Leota, January 2013.

    It is important for us to help the community, for this reason we hold ride benefits in ATV friendly communities. Our most recent was held August 2013 at The Bluff Campgrounds. ATVOC also contributes to Toys for Tots, and Michcanska.

    Current Membership to the club is $25 per year. This membership fee helps maintain our website and provides insurance for members while doing trail maintenance. Membership gets people included into the private areas of the website, where special functions or opportunities may be published.

    The club has monthly rides, where members and guests are welcomed to participate. Rides are conducted with compliance to the laws and usually have opportunities to socialize and eat. Members of the club are of various skill levels and riding, with safety as our prime concern. Rides may have groups break into subgroups to ensure all participants and other occupants of the trail can enjoy the trail to their liking.

    The club has two major meetings a year, usually early in the year and near the end of the year. We also have online meetings to discuss the growth and formation of the club, as well as how we can improve our hobby in the state.

    The club currently maintains two trails and two routes. Red Bridge and Bummer's Roost trails and routes. We seek volunteers to help with the maintenance and have major efforts to maintain prior to Memorial and Labor Day, with individuals maintaining the trail the rest of the months. It took our committee several years to get to be trusted enough to maintain Michigan's trail systems and we would like these events to be the prime gathering events of the club. At these events food and beverages will be provided by the club.

    Keep track of our activities via our calendar, members and guests can view it. Come out and join us on one of our rides.

    Thank you

    ATV Offroad Club of Michigan

    To become a member, please click on the membership menu item.

    Membership is $25 for family and individuals and $100 for businesses. Business membership grants the business the option to advertise a banner ad on our forum.