• Riding Guidelines

    by Published on 11-11-2011 9:52 AM     Number of Views: 50581 
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    ATV Offroad Club has compiled a list of guidelines and equipment to help improve the users trail riding experience.

    We have divided the riding guidelines into various subgroups intended to help the rider, when they need it. Please feel free to comment on the list, we want to provide accurate and valid information for all ATV riders alike. Your experience is valuable.


    • Keep to the right
    • Always yield to the ATV's ascending a hill, vs the ones descending on a single trail.
    • Smaller groups yield to larger groups riding on a single trail
    • Slower group permits faster group to overtake on a single trail
    • Use hand signals to indicate number in party, last in party indicates last by raised fist
    • When meeting animal rides on opposite direction,